Saturday, June 11, 2005

Will history repeat itself?

With all the rumours swirling about the Libranos considering defeating itself next week following polls showing a Liberal 14 point lead, one need only look back to 1984 to see a possible outcome. If one recalls, John Turner had a significant lead in the polls when he dissolved parliament. He also had the stench of corruption and arrogance surrounding his party from years of rule (notwithstanding the Joe Clark minority government interruption). Turner could not defend the last minute patronage appoints made by Trudeau before leaving office. These factors played a key role in electing the largest majority government in Canadian history.

Hopefully, Harper's office has been brushing up on their history and understanding what needs to be done in order to turn the tables on Mr. Dithers. In spite of the polls, the punditry, and those "red tories" who tell him to be NDP-lite, Harper has a chance to offer an opportunity for real change. I have touched this issue on the Tories running on a real agenda too many times to repeat, and so have many of my colleagues on the blogosphere.

If the writ is dropped next week, it is still a unique opportunity for the CPC to win a majority government. They need only to find a platform, stay on message, respond vigorously to the Liberal slime machine, and remember history.

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W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Burnt into my memory were the words that Mulrony defeated the turner government with spoken in the leader's debate:

“You did have a choice, sir. You could have said ‘No!’ “

Harper has the excellent opportunity of using the same tack when recalling Martin's crimes, health defunding and complicity in the worst government Canada has ever suffered under.