Saturday, June 03, 2006

Al-Qaida busts in T.O

Today's Toronto Sun has a story about an RCMP/CSIS raid on a suspected AQ hangout in the GTA. Good for them.

However, once we find out who they are, my first question is: HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET IN CANADA? I am confident that Canada's lax security and immigration system let them in a refugees, and that they were also on welfare. What a better way to destroy the decadent west than to use it's own money! If this is the case, does anybody really wonder why the U.S is now requiring Canadians to have passports to enter the U.S.

This ties in with the whole immigration thing in the U.S. as well. Both countries need to have an honest discussion about: (1) securing the borders, (2) reforming the immigration bureaucracy to be more thorough and more efficient, not to mention incompetent, (3) a real determination of how many of what kind of immigrants does it country want and can ASSIMILATE into society.


Rob "Night Train" S. said...


This group isn't the real thing nor a splinter group, but a homegrown copycat Al-Qaida cell.

As for how they got into Canada, it seems the majority of the perps are students in their 20's(and a few in their teens protected by the damn Youth Offenders Act). Their parents were let into this country 20 years ago in some cases.

Unfortunately I think CSIS and the Toronto cops have cast their nets a bit too wide. I'm sure there's a few of the 17 arrested who are guilty by association and there will be a mixture of factual and farcical charges against them. The fact that as of this writing CSIS has not demonstrated any concrete physical evidence like, you know, the *3 tons* of NaNH4 is particularly worrisme. A disassembled cell phone in a toolbox really doesn't say much either. As the London bombings demonstrated last year, you don't need to be particularly high tech to be effective.

I burst into laughter the other day when a colleague of mine remarked about the stupidity of CSIS having a local detachment right near the CN Tower and thus endangering a "tourist attraction", like that's the only reason the tower exists (hello, communications?). This is definitely a wakeup call for a city whose politicians and residents are still in denial that they are a big city with the associated big city problems. The lack of a decent evacuation plan or any improvements to the emergency infrastructure is proof that no one is willing to cough up the money until after an incident happens. Seems no one has learned a thing from Katrina or the blackouts from three years ago.

Rob "Night Train" S. said...

Whoops, scratch that chemical formula -- Ammonium Nitrate is NH4NO3. Shows how much I'm using that Laurentian Chemistry :-)

Mitch said...

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