Sunday, July 16, 2006

End This Proxy War Once and For All

I am cautiously hopeful that the Israeli raids into Lebanon will be a recognition by the Jewish state that they have been in a state of war with Iran and Syria by proxy (Hezbollah and Hamas) for the past 25 years. Although I am concerned about Israel's incursion into Lebanon, in the sense that going after a weak, fledgling democracy may not be wise in the long run, I understand that Hezbollah has control of the south of that country and it must be eradicated.
I sincerely hope that Israel strikes Hezbollah and Hamas targets in Syria. This proxy war needs to be resolved. Hamas and Hezbollah have sought war with the IDF for a long time now, and now they have it. This war should be waged with the goal of the eradication or unconditional surrender of these forces. This is the only way to destroy the death cult that permeates the Palestinians. No restraint should be shown. Only through utter defeat will the Palestinians understand that the eradication of Israel is a ticket to poverty, misery, and death.
The added benefits would be the crippling of the Syrian regime and a rebuff to Iran. These troublemakers will be halted in their adventuring in the region.

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