Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finally back

Hi everyone,

After an exceptionally busy tax season, where I started to ramp up the 60+ hour work weeks in early January, I finally am not burnt out to the point where I don't feel like writing. But, not like there hasn't been a lot of interesting stuff going on.

The first thing that catches my attention is the collective stupidity that is the Democratic party up in Lansing, Michigan. I've been reading the Detroit News rather religiously over the past few months, so when I read some of the stercoraceous ideas emanating from the state house, all I can think of is Bob Rae's illustrious stewardship of the province of Ontario.

Michigan is a state that has been economically hammered. It's core industry is fighting to survive. Major employers have either downsized (Big Three, Tier One auto suppliers) or relocated (hello Pfizer and Comerica). The state has the highest mortgage foreclosure rate in the nation, and people are leaving the state in droves (myself included).

All these signs scream for leadership. Drastic action must be taken to help Michigan right a listing ship with bold ideas. What have we seen from Jennifer Granholm and her allies in the state legislature in order to solve these issues and the huge budget deficit that is a result of this? Some of the ideas have been:

  1. 6% sales tax extended to services
  2. 2% sales tax extended to services
  3. Implement an estate tax
  4. Change the income tax from a flat 3.9% to a graduated rates
See a trend here? Tax your way back into prosperity... worked so well for Clement Attlee in the 1940's and Bob Rae in the 90's.. hey.. third time's a charm!

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