Sunday, August 31, 2008

Transformative Candidates

A few days of digesting Obama's acceptance speech in Denver has brought some perspective "transformative" candidates.   Everyone talks about how X or Y is "transformative" as a candidate.   That is utter B.S.  A candidate is never transformative, only when elected do they have the ability to become that by action, not deed.

Barack Obama is NOT a transformative politician.   He is quite conventional in many ways, but he is exceptional in his ability to give prepared speeches.  His acceptance speech was quite conventional, the laundry list of liberal programs, criticisms of the current administration and candidate, and platitudes of hope and unity going forward.  

Transformative politicians change the political roadmap for generations.  They are few and far between.  Examining U.S. presidents, the truly great ones changed the political landscape for generations.  Think Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan.  Obama's record and rhetoric shows he only wants to transform America into a socialist state.

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