Saturday, June 27, 2009

Missing in the "health care reform debate"

I'm not the only one to notice that when the Democrats talk about how medical costs are spiraling out of control and how the government needs to fix it - they never mention the direct and indirect costs of lawsuits on costs. Notice that this is not addressed at all? Obama talks about all these "unnecessary tests being done of dubious worth" - but what he doesn't mention is that many doctors do all these questionable tests as a form a defensive medicine, i.e. to protect themselves from lawsuits. Simple example - you can thank people like John Edwards for the increase in Caesarian sections - all the lawsuits alleging cerebral palsy from normal childbirth have led more and more OB/GYNs to avoid the lawsuit risk and just go with the C-section. Yes they cost more - but it avoids all the litigation costs and the increase in malpractice insurance. Unless this is addressed - no other reform will reduce costs.

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