Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ontario: Embodiment of the Nanny State

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It has been a very long tax season, so the sporadic posts shall continue until April 16th at the earliest. Sunday mornings give me the opportunity to catch up on my reading. I was able to read this old article of Mark Steyn from the Western Standard site. It is about Ontario's bicycle helmet law from a few months back, and that, coupled with the proposed Sushi ban, the smoking ban, and what not, irks the heck out of me.

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Brianron said...

While conversing with my Canadian wife yesterday about casinos (we were downtown Detroit having a meal in Trapper's Alley, adjacent to the Greektown Casino), she informed me that if this restaurant were in Windsor, our 8 year-old son would not be allowed. I corrected her and said you must mean he cannot be in the casino. She corrected me: no one under 18 can be in a casino AND no one under 18 can be anywhere within a building containing a casino.

She went on to tell me that you cannot take a child to the restaurant within the hotel at the Windsor Casino and, to my utter disgust, you cannot even take a child to the hotel proper. Thus, if you were coming to a conference within the Windsor Casino, if you were bringing your family -- say for a long weekend -- you cannot stay at the hotel.

While I normally would dismiss this as my wife's misunderstanding, I had to check my American-centric and libertarian views. She started telling me about how her office Christmas party had been held at the Windsor casino restaurant and with the information from the restaurant, there was a section discussing this.

What's next? Will the government take any child from a house where the parents discuss gambling? Or maybe it will be okay to discuss gambling as long as the child is wearing a helmet?