Saturday, April 23, 2005

Paul Martin - Apologize-o-rama

Tax season is essentially over, so now I have time to follow what is going on with Adscam. I watched Martin's limp broadcast on Thursday, and then read these insights by Russ Kuykendall on Burkean Canuck on his interview on Canada AM the following morning. For those of you South of the border, Canada AM is just like any other network morning show - just as nauseatingly perky and devoid of substance as the any other. The Liberals are pulling every trick in the book in order to stave off an election. Mike Brock has done the numbers and figures that Martin will play prison bride to the NDP for the rest of the year. It is a plausible scenario, but if more allegations from the Gomery inquiry come out that illustrate members of the current inner circle were well aware of adscam, despite the protestations of Martin, I think the NDP will re-assess it's commitment to keeping the Liberals afloat, especially if it means the potential of picking up seats at the Liberals expense in places like Ontario.

There are two things Harper and the Conservatives should do during all this. First, be efficiently ruthless in keeping the flame to the Liberal's feet, knowing that they will not receive any quarter from the government or their media accomplices. Second, make a policy announcement that a Conservative government will make sure that things like this never happen again - by getting the government out of these slush fund programs like the gun registry, hrdc, sponsorship and the like.

The cool thing is, it will not be a slow news cycle in Canada for the next few months, so say the least.

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