Saturday, May 07, 2005

Are they on crack?

So now the Liberals are saying that an amendment to a bill requiring the government to resign being passed does not constitute a motion of non-confidence? What? They very fact that this motion was passed is prima face evidence that this minority government does not has the confidence of the house. What won't the Liberals stoop to in order to gasp another day in power? The shameless offers of appointments? Throwing loads of taxpayers money to bribe anyone or anything that will let them see the another day in power is pathetic. The most disgusting part of this is the ambivalent attitude by the electorate on this matter. If they re-elect this government, despite all this damming testimony - the people who vote for them are nothing more then enablers. They are enabling an abusive government, and have forfeit any rights to demand any accountability. I never thought I'd see the day when Mexico becomes the model of political integrity and openness, but sadly that is the way it's looking.

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