Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Charles & I on Toronto and Detroit

CharLeBois of Hwy 401 Blog quotes me from a posting we made about the future of Toronto. I think that one can see parallels between the future of Toronto and the present of Detroit. There are of course differences, but there are a lot of similarities that people should be aware of.
Based on this, I want to find an authoratative history of Detroit, focusing on how it got to where it is today, political/policy wise - on a conservative point of view. Anybody know? I'm going to take a look around, but suggestions are welcome.


No Display Name said...

For a look at Detroit's future, how about Robocop?

Yeah, yeah, I've heard that one before.

As it happens, I'm fairly familiar with Sudbury myself (for reasons unknown to me, the comments section of your next posting doesn't seem to work). I had never seen black rocks before going up there in late 2002/early 2003 for a temporary reporting gig (I was a scab reporter for the Sudbury Star during the big Osprey strike), but the place had some charm, nevertheless, including a couple of decent pubs (and a great cigar bar!).

Still, the place had some pretty rough parts (my hotel was REALLY close to a needle-exchange) and it struck me that while Kingston is a bit smaller, it has LOTS of great places to eat and drink, while Sudbury isn't nearly as tourist-friendly.

Andrew said...

Try - it has a wealth of info & pictures, as well as commentary.