Thursday, July 28, 2005

John Clarke - Communist hypocrite

I was browsing through the Toronto Sun the other day when I noticed this article by Sue-Ann Levy on how the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) was advocating welfare fraud as a means to increase welfare payments in Ontario, lead by it's chief agitator, the repulsive John Clarke.
I find this hypocritical as John Clarke, if I recall correctly, was (is? I do not know if he ever renounced his commitment to Marxism) a communist, and was editor of the communist party of Canada's newspaper. Thus, he is committed to abolition/expropriation of all private property and wealth in the name of collectivism.
Based on his beliefs - he is also typical of most socialists, a hypocrite, a Tartuffe if you will. This is a man who has amassed significant wealth personally for a man of his occupation and 'proletarian' leanings (don't ask me how, but I have seen his financial dealings). He also lives in what one would say, is a 'bourgeois' suburb of Toronto. How can a champion of 'from everyone according to his ability, to everyone according to his need' not 'share' his wealth with the minions he purports to represent.
Alas, like Alexa McDonnough, Paul Martin, and the other silver spoon socialists, they want to share your wealth while they jig the rules to protect theirs. Look at how Canada Steamship Lines flagged their fleets offshore in order to avoid paying taxes in Canada.
It really ticks me off that the media never mentions his communist past (if they were conservatives... of course their background would be thoroughly repudiated), or how he makes a lot of money thanks to mandatory union dues.

But, we've known this for a while, haven't we.

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tenant said...

If you check their website you will see the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty does much more than just protest.

I do like their housing affiliate site Ontario Tenants Rights and its attitude that governments should not be funding sites like his own and their attacks against all political parties.