Thursday, September 22, 2005

Media Distortion in Iraq

Hat tip to Right Thinking People for this link to a U.S. Army officer's description of the MSM's efforts to give aid and comfort to the enemy. Go read the entire article - it confirms what I have thought for a while. Thank goodness for sites like the fourth rail and the Belmont club for useable information on what is going on, along with the countless miliblogs out there.
Here is an excerpt:
What about the media's portrayal of the enemy? Why do these ruthless murderers, kidnappers and thieves get a pass when it comes to their actions? What did the the media show or tell us about Margaret Hassoon, the director of C.A.R.E. in Iraq and an Iraqi citizen, who was kidnapped, brutally tortured and left disemboweled on a street in Fallujah? Did anyone in the press show these images over and over to emphasize the moral failings of the enemy as they did with the soldiers at Abu Ghuraib?
Did anyone show the world how this enemy had huge stockpiles of weapons in schools and mosques, or how he used these protected places as sanctuaries for planning and fighting in Fallujah and the rest of Iraq? Are people of the world getting the complete story? The answer again is no! What the world got instead were repeated images of a battle-weary Marine who made a quick decision to use lethal force and who immediately was tried in the world press. Was this one act really illustrative of the overall action in Fallujah? No, but the Marine video clip was shown an average of four times each hour on just about every major TV news channel for a week. This is how the world views our efforts over here and stories like this without a counter continually serve as propaganda victories for the enemy. Al Jazeera isn't showing the film of the C.A.R.E. worker, but is showing the clip of the Marine. Earlier this year, the Iraqi government banned Al Jazeera from the country for its inaccurate reporting. Wonder where they get their information now? Well, if you go to the Internet, you'll find a web link from the Al Jazeera home page to CNN's home page. Very interesting.


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lebowski said...

I took a quick survey, a non-scientific one, of some students of mine and asked if they generally trust the newsprint media. Well, surprise, surprise, none of them did. The concensus was that the media was promoting their own political beliefs through print.

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