Sunday, September 11, 2005

Remember - We are at war

Please remember, the best way to serve the memory of those who perished four years ago today is to achieve victory over Islamofascism - total victory. This is a fight for the survival of Western Civilization, and anything less than a steely commitment to victory will result in our demise.

I have friends who survived what happened at the WTC, and acquaintances who perished there as well. They were unwilling participants in an act of war, not a 'misunderstanding', not a 'we had it coming'. There is no appeasement for these jackals, and no mercy should be shown to those who aid and abet those who wish us harm.

Some days I wonder if those in the White House truly understand it. I wonder why they aren't tightening the screws on Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Palestinian Authority, just to name a few. Some times I think we are too timid in our resolve to act decisively, that we don't understand that we need total unconditional victory to eliminate this cancer in our world.

Sixty years ago, we showed our resolve against National Socialism, Fascism, and Japanese Imperialism - we didn't accept half measures or meekness in our struggle, nor should we today.

I hope that we are all remember that we are at war. We did not start it, but we shall finish it. Those who stand against freedom and liberty must be destroyed, in order for our civilization to survive.

I have linked Mark Steyn's thoughts on this above - he says it a lot better than I do.


Clinton P. Desveaux said...

The name of the game has been state expansionism, Liberal and Conservative are both statist which means communism when you really think about it.

Jessica Lovejoy said...

Cry HAVOC!!! and let slip the dogs of war!