Sunday, May 22, 2005

Belinda Stronach - why am I not surprised

I spent the last week at a tax seminar, so I had limited opportunities to see what was going on in Ottawa. Friday afternoon, I found out that Belinda Stronach crossed the floor to the Libranos for a second tier cabinet post. I am not surprised that she crossed considering her ill-fated campaign to run for the leadership of the CPC. When she ran for the CPC, she ran a most vapid and empty campaign. It was devoid of all substance, and what policy pronouncements that came out, were hardly conservative on any level.

There are several things that are disturbing on this:

  1. The Libranos will do anything to breathe another day. Spend taxpayers money, bribe MPs with appointments, threaten litigation, throw out centuries of parliamentary tradition, whatever it takes. Just win baby! What happens to Canada's institutions after this. Now everything is justified by their actions - war measures act? Why not? They appointed all the judges - got them in their pockets, so no need to worry about them. RCMP? Under their thumb - they are just as politically tainted.
  2. Belinda Stronach sold out for so little. One of the great ironies in life is when people destroy their reputations and credibility for so little. Here is a woman worth billions, and throws it all away for a second tier cabinet post for a few months for which she is hardly qualified. It is one thing to cross the floor on principle - Churchill did it, Kilgour did it, but to prostitute oneself for so little - hardly becoming on her.
  3. As Bob Dole once said, "Where's the outrage?" You'd think there'd be an "orange revolution" happening on Parliament Hill, but seems like the electorate just shrugs their shoulders and a good chunk of the electorate seems to be willing to give them a pass on this. Wonder why Quebec separatism is ascending again, why Albertans mutter about going it alone... this is why. This moral relativism is destroying the fabric of the country, of Western civilization as we know it.

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