Sunday, May 08, 2005

Quebec Separatism - another model

Does anybody out there know of separatists who are NOT statists? I have always noticed that the PQ, BQ and most sovereigntists are statists. They want a leviathan government as an answer to everything it seems, much more so than their EU brethren. However, I have often thought of separatism as a libertarian option. My first principle is the Quebec people, freed from excessive government would become wealthy, independent and prosperous to the point where the culture truly thrives. I have semi-seriously thought that if one set up an independent Quebec as a jurisdiction without an income tax, labour market flexibility (i.e. right-to-work) and with banking secrecy laws - that it would become the Hong Kong of North America with all the additional advantages of locality and access to abundant natural resources. Of course it seems that most separatists have grandiose visions of them leading a massive government, but I would love to know if anyone out there knows of any Quebecker who has proposed a libertarian model for an independent Quebec.

As an aside, Mark Steyn has an interesting article in the Western Standard about how the secularization of Quebec has hurt its prospects of independence. Interesting.

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