Saturday, October 29, 2005

Detroit Mayor's Race turns ugly

I'm surprised it took this long. In this week's Michigan Chronicle there was a full page ad by "Citizens for responsible government" decrying the media "Lynching" of Detroit Mayor Kwame Fitzpatrick by the white suburban press and their puppet, challenger (and front runner) Freeman Hendrix.
The sorry thing is that race baiting has been a staple of Detroit politics since the 70's. Coleman Young had a lengthy track record of this - ranting about how the whites should get out of Detroit and the how the suburbs are out to "get" him, etc. Kwame is hoping these old tricks will help him on a last minute, desperate attempt to not be the first incumbent to lose a Detroit mayoralty race in a long, long, time.
Will it distract voters from Kwame's dismal record as mayor, which highlighted a near bankrupt city, a declining population, crumbling infrastructure, rumours of featherbedding and inappropriate behaviour, and a general hostility to the press? The root of Detroit's problems can be seen as it is ranked the most Liberal city in America? This is what happens to a city where the most liberal of liberals have been ruling unfettered for forty years.


lebowski said...

Liberal City or Liberty City of GTA3 fame?

Hershblogger said...

It's been ugly for quite awhile.

Detroit isn't just responsible for electing a thuggish Mayor, either. We can blame Levin, Stabenow and Conyers on them, too.

Clinton P. Desveaux said...

New column out buddy, conservatives are being bad again!