Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mexican government's subversion of U.S. law

Here is a great article by Heather MacDonald in the recent issue of City Journal. She details how the Mexican government repeatedly interferes in U.S. domestic laws and blatantly subverts U.S. sovereignty. Her summary:

The Mexican government will push to control as much U.S. immigration policy as it can get away with. ItÂ’s up to American officials to stop such interference, but the Bush administration simply winks at foreign attacks on immigration laws that it itself refuses to enforce. President Bush should worry less about upsetting his friends at Los Pinos and more about listening to the American people: illegal immigration, they believe, is an affront to the rule of law and a threat to American security. It can and must be stopped.

This just undermines the Americanpublics general apprehension to the immigration issue, and why aggressive action needs to be taken. There is a consensus building on this matter, and the major parties ignore this at their peril.

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