Sunday, November 27, 2005

Detroit voters re-elect Kwame - or not?

Well, it seems that I have spoken too soon about Kwame having a 'fraud proof' margin of victory in this month's Detroit mayoralty race. Consider this:
  1. The city clerk responsible for the election had her family and friends on the payroll - many of whom had criminal records.
  2. During the presidential elections, there were allegations of massive voter fraud, which included city clerks filling out absentee ballots of the elderly, and other ballot stuffing matters.
  3. During the mayoralty race, the election was being monitored by the U.S. justice department.
  4. Rumours going along during the vote included officials from the city clerk's office allowing voters to bring home their ballots, among other things.

So, the question is whether there is enough in a recount to find 14,000 votes. O.K. - now let's start taking bets on what the final margin will be.

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