Monday, April 17, 2006

Virginia versus Michigan

Observations from living down here three months.

  1. Beer. Beer is cheaper here than Michigan. The best part is no deposits unlike Michigan, thus saving me ten cents/can. You can get the real Danish Carlsburg beer here. In Michigan, you get the stuff brewed in Toronto.
  2. Liquor. I thought vestiges of the Soviet system did not exist in the U.S. Then I found out that Virginia has state liquor stores (the VABC). Ugh... I thought I escaped the tyranny of the state's monopoly over booze with putting the LCBO behind me. So that is a big minus for VA versus Michigan.
  3. Smokes (notice the priorities here??). $5/pack versus $3/pack - 'nuff said!
  4. Speed limits - Michigan has it right... 70 mph on the interstate versus 55/65 around here, but the roads are definitely better to drive on here.
  5. Gas - cheaper by about a dime a gallon... but if Governor Tim Kane (D) has his way...
Those are the pertinent facts so far... I'm starting to notice the cultural differences between the two and there is a marked contrast.. but that is for another post...

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