Sunday, May 07, 2006

Canadian Budget Redux

It is so funny watching the Kabuki dance called the Federal Budget. The Harper government tabled a budget that was meant for a minority government: he pushed through items of his agenda that he knew he could get away with without triggering an election. In that light, it is a good step. On the whole issue of limited government and the proper role of the Federal government, it is timid and weak. However, you'd never know it from the hyperbolic reactions of the opposition parties.

This is not a "neoconservative budget". I wish those on the left would learn their terminology. "Neoconservatism" is a school of conservative throughout that originated by Norman Poderherz and Irving Kristol. It is a school of thought that generally believes in the power of government to preserve cultural norms. The left uses it in a more sinister, and often an anti-semetic light. Plus, a budget that does not give more money to indians nor more to government funded brainwashing, err daycare spaces is not the end of the world.

However, Douglas Fisher, writing in the Ottawa Sun has made to observations that is indeed a first step on getting some real change on Indian affairs (my take - guess what? You're Canadian too - start paying taxes and assimilate, no more handouts) and the Federal role in daycare/education (once again - no more state indoctrination centers for yuppies in the major cities).

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