Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Same S**t, Just on Prime Time

I didn't bother watching Bush's speech last night on immigration. Knew what it was going to entail with the usual platitudes and myopia that has surrounded this issue. My big thing is that all the politicians that are pushing for this 'guest worker' program have never dealt with the INS.

The INS as is it is presently structured, it wholly incapable of handling current immigration law and processing the current workload in a timely and accurate manner. I can attest to this based on first hand experience. But now they want to add tens of millions more more to the casualty? Not going to work.

From a purely selfish view, the current mess is a joke. All this obsequious behavior in order to bring in a massive wave of unasimilated, uneducated, unskilled people who will become a huge burden on the state as it stands. But hey, if you're educated, assimilated, and a net contributor - you're not welcome! Sounds a lot like the Canadian system if you ask me! Politicans pandering to an 'emerging voting bloc' rather than dealing with the long term issues.

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