Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My point ... again

From the Washington Times:
The Senate yesterday voted against securing the border before implementing provisions that would grant the right of citizenship to millions of illegal aliens and that would double the flow of legal immigration.
The amendment would have delayed the "amnesty" and guest-worker provisions in the Senate's comprehensive immigration-reform bill until the border had been sewn up successfully. The majority of Democrats, 36 of 44, were joined by 18 Republicans and the chamber's lone independent to kill the amendment on an 55-40 vote.
It seems that everywhere in the Western World, immigration is an issue where the people are consistently ignored. Europe - unfettered immigration of unassimilated immigrants continues, despite widespread opposition and skepticism to it. Canada - a large segment of the population wants a debate about current immigration policy - both numbers and types of immigrants admitted. Here in the U.S. a large segment of the population wants the border secured, and does not want a law that rewards law-breakers. The common thread is that a opponents to open-borders are immediately labeled as "racists".

I'll be the first to disclose that I have a stake in this, considering I'm working down here on a visa. I'm all for legal immigration and reforming the INS to ease and speed up the process, all why ensuring that security and economic needs of the U.S. comes first. Letting in a huge unskilled population into the country when you already have a large number of people on social assistance will only create greater social issues and will worsen the plight of the 'underclass'.

I'm going to try to avoid posting on this immigration bill. I know it will ultimately tick me off what passes as a final bill. So for those of you who view this on a similar vein, Michelle Malkin is your one stop source on this issue.

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