Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nanny's Hypocricy


This old story reminds me why I left the U.S.S.P. (Union of Soviet Socialist Provinces). Looks like a lot of people will be out of work come June 1. Let's look at the absurdity of the Ontario Liberals and their anti-smoking campaign.

  1. Ban smoking at the casinos. Guess with the ban, and the new requirement for U.S. citizens to have passports in order to re-enter the U.S. means that those nice shiny buildings in Niagara Falls and Windsor will be closed. Does this mean that the government will finally get out of the numbers racket?
  2. A friend of mine who runs a gas station told me that cigarette sales are the only reason his station is profitable. Because of the razor thin margins that he has due to the wholesale price of gas, if prices are unusually volatile, he loses money on the gas end but makes it up with smokes. Now that the government has severely impaired his ability to make a living and hire people, will they compensate him for the decline in business that they have caused.
  3. As Christina Blizzard wrote in the Toronto Sun, she finds it ironic that the government is dropping the hammer on users of a legal product but ignore those who grow and use marijuana, an illegal product. Then she goes on about the casino and liquor rackets that Dalton and friends have their fingers in, and then wonders when are they going after the lardbutts.
This is why we need constitutionally limited government. These jackasses are just picking on a politically expedient minority. Someone once told me you could really tell if a society believed in tolerance and freedom by looking at they way they treated smokers. Looks like Kanada has failed that test miserably.

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