Saturday, December 10, 2005

First week of the Canadian Election

The parties have been on the official hustings this week, and if one thing sticks out, it is how brazen and crass the Liberal are. Shameless, really. A potential insider trading scandal with finance minister Ralph Goodales announcement not to tax the snot out of income trusts hitting the markets before the after close announcement, and then making a campaign promise to ban handguns.

The insider trading thing will not go far I suppose, even though there is a lot of prima facie evidence to show market manipulation, it is a tough case to prove in court. Second, I have no faith in the OSC and the RCMP, who are both compromised. The OSC proved it with the ongoing investigation to Royal Technologies, on whose board sat Greg Sorbara, the now former Treasurer for the province of Ontario. Both bodies have illustrated a penchant for looking the other way when their political masters are in trouble.

I expect things to pick up in after the holidays, and things should get pretty nasty soon.

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