Saturday, December 17, 2005

If the U.S. really wanted to show Canada that friendship isn't a one way street

With my previous posts about U.S. ambassador David Wilkin's comments about the shrill anti-American tone coming from the Liberals in this campaign, and Paul Martin's subsequent wrapping himself in the Canadian flag, it got me thinking. What would the U.S. do if it was really pissed at the Canadian government and wanted to send a real message to the Liberal about friendship being a two-way street. Of course, I'm hypothesizing, not advocating this, but this is what I came up with. Kind of a passive-aggressive response that does not violate any trade agreements or other bilateral agreements. Here is what I came up with:

  1. Require all Canadians entering the U.S to present a passport. Wait, that has been done and it kicks in January 2007. The $100 I had to spend on a new passport can be called the: "Liberals George Bush bashing tax". Minor inconvenience and cash outlay, but still a poignant gesture.
  2. Ban Toronto garbage from crossing the border for "national security purposes". There is a house bill that allows the states to prohibit the importation of garbage from foreign countries. Once that is passed, I know the State of Michigan will do it. I'm in favour of this regardless, as those commies in Toronto City Hall should be taught a lesson of the hypocrisy on their garbage policy. Plus I bet this gets support in Canada, as everyone knows, Toronto bashing is sporting outside of the GTA.
  3. If the U.S. finds another terrorist suspect on U.S. soil that was a refugee claimant in Canada, then it gets nasty. It could get to the point where all cargo is thoroughly inspected entering the country - which grinds the economy to a halt, especially in Ontario, or requiring Canadian visitors to get a visa - which would really screw things up. This is unlikely, as the economy of a lot of states like Ohio, Michigan, New York would be severely impacted.
  4. My favourite is to offer green cards to all Canadian doctors, engineers, and scientists, and turn the brain drain from a small leak to a torrent. Rob Canada of its best and brightest and allow them to 'vote with their feet' (like me) and escape Trudopia once and for all. This helps the U.S. economy by bringing in desperately needed skills and builds the economy all while sticking it to the Canadian government at the same time.
Some of these things are happening already, and some I'm just postulating for the heck of it. But the fact that I could run these off rather quickly should be a warning to the Liberals about running off their mouths, as I would bet that some in congress or the white house have thought of these on some level.


MAW said...

As soon as Harper takes the helm, all will be well again. Paul Martin is an embarrasement, especially lying about not wanting to get involved disposing of that tin-pot dictator and mass murderer Saddam Hussein and two equally evil male offspring.

I could care less if he had some nukes, the guy fed dissidents through a wood chipper for sport.

What more evidence do you really need to liberate the Iraqi people?

They are voting for democracy in droves, even women enjoy their new found rights, to just be yourself, drive a car, heck have a cold one after a hard day at home looking after the kids.

Wear any clothes you want, let your hair blow in the wind, speak your mind without fear of getting made into mincemeat.

I'll take freedom and democracy any time, and I would defend it with my life, as my war veteran father Bert Whittle did.

I'm duly impressed, and so should the rest of Canada.

Hershblogger said...

Another thing the US could do would be to challenge Canada's sovereignty in certain hard to get at places.

If you leave your defense to another nation, you need to make sure they remain solid allies.

The Libranos have proved they are serious about defending Canada as long it it requires nothing but anti-American hot air.