Thursday, December 29, 2005

Media hand wringing and inexcusable behaviour

No Pun(dit) Intended has a great post about the media coverage of the Toronto shootings that took place a couple of days ago. The key passage:
At first they failed to say the suspects were "Black Males" so as to limit outcry that all black males are criminals and gangsters and thugs. However, as Jean Chretien would say "the proof is in the proof is in the proof, is in the proof" or something like that. Look at the statistics, of all the homicides in Toronto, the suspects are disproportionately Black. I am not suggesting all black people in Toronto are thugs or criminals. However, we must acknowledge that a certain 'gang mentality' exists within a certain subset of society that is only encouraged by gangster rap, which we are too scared to denounce.

I find it hilarious how PM Paul Martin and Toronto Mayer David Miller blame the shootings on 'poverty' and 'exclusion' in society. Paul Martin also openly blames the gang violence and shootings in Toronto on the United States terrible gun laws and how guns are leaking across the border into Canada into the hands of criminals. I find this assessment funny. Doesn't the United States have similar qualms with Canada's lax Drug laws, and how the decriminalization of Marijuana is leading to the export of cannabis to the homes of the United States? Of Course this hypocrisy is too complicated for most 'feeble minded' Liberals to understand.
Go figure. The media has once again ignored the facts - who the perpetrators are, how this is the third gun incident in the Yonge/Dundas area, and how all the handguns are illegal to begin with. All they do is bitch and moan about how Toronto has "lost its innocence" and how David Miller and socialist sycophants bemoan the lack of midnight basketball and demand more money to be thrown at the situation. To make matters worse, if that shot off-duty police officer was allowed to carry his handgun while off duty (which they are allowed to do in the U.S. since police officers are never really 'off duty' to perform their sworn duties), perhaps the carnage would have been limited. Then again, if that officer, who I hope has a speedy recovery, did stop them, he would be raked over the hot coals as an out of control racist oppressor.

Pathetic, how Toronto liberals deal with real problems. Canada needs a Rudolph Giuliani to fix this problem once and for all. For more on this too, read this post from the Other Club on gun crime in Canada - Herschblogger hits a home run on this matter too!

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