Sunday, December 11, 2005

Liberal Party consolidates it propaganda wing

When I read the above article (h/t to Warwick), it is not surprising at all. So now CTV and the Globe and Mail will now be controlled by the OTPP and the Toronto Star. Where are the howls from the Left decrying the consolidation of media power, like what they did some years back when Conrad Black's Hollinger had the National Post and most of the local dailies in the country. So let's get an overview of this again:

  1. Global and National Post - owned by former leader of Manitoba Liberal
  2. Toronto Star - owned by Liberal bagman
  3. Globe and Mail, CTV - controlled by Liberal bagman
  4. CBC -dependent on the ruling party for its largesse.
All of the above entities are also at the mercy of the CRTC for their livelihoods, so there is a double incentive not to offend the party there too.

And don't get me started on OTPP. Yes, it is a well run pension plan for its members, but due to Canadian content rules for it's portfolio, the plan has its fingers in way too many pies in this country, and if they ever decided to really get political, they could really mess up the economy. Look at Quebec's public sector pension plans - which is on some levels a separatist slush fund.

If one defines fascism as the intertwining of state and corporate interests as a ruling structure, Canada is starting to look more like Mussolini's Italy than a free society.

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