Friday, December 16, 2005

Reaping what you have sown

Looks like Paul Martin and the Librano's antics are finally getting press attention south of the border (H/T Right in Canada), but it is not good press:

The ambassador's point raises a larger question: Can Canada really be considered our "friend" anymore? As someone whose family comes from Canada, a country I grew up loving as a child, it pains me to ask the question. That said, what other question can be asked when the Canadian government not only willingly allows Islamic terrorists into their country, but does nothing to stop them from entering our nation.

Two cases in point out of many. The first being in December 1999, when al Qaeda operative Ahmed Ressam entered the United States from Canada. By luck, he was arrested with a trunk full of explosives. His mission: to blow up Los Angeles International Airport. Next were two Pakistani men on the "no fly" list, with possible terrorist connections, who were arrested in Seattle. They were caught buying one-way tickets to New York City with cash. How did these potential terrorists get into our country? From Canada. One of the men even had a driver's license from British Columbia.

For years, our intelligence services have warned and even begged Canadian officials to do something about its dangerous open immigration policies. Immigration policies
that continually allow highly suspicious people into Canada with a free shot at the United States. U.S. politicians from both sides of the aisle have joined with U.S. law enforcement personnel to ask Canada to address this growing security threat. In response, Canadian politicians from the left have basically said, "Drop dead." We may yet. And how tragic it would be if the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans came at the hands of a terrorist that Canada willingly allowed into their country....

Our once great friend is turning against us. Common sense and our national security dictate that we can no longer afford to ignore that fact.

This will probably be the first of many articles coming out on this topic in the U.S. The passport requirement for Canadian citizens travelling to the U.S is the first step of many that are going to be taken. Softwood and beef could have been resolved a lot quicker if the Canadian government decided to be helpful rather than being an irritant. Paul Martin and also make as many threats as he wants to the U.S. for 'retaliation', but the only people who will be hurt by it are Canadian workers dependent on access to the U.S. economy. If PMPM decides to wrap the flag around him and make the election a referendum on GWB, he will be risking the economic prosperity of the country as a crass political ploy.

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