Friday, December 30, 2005

The situation up in Sudbury

I was up in Sudbury for the weekend, trying to get the skinny of what was going up there in the election. Sudbury is one of those "yellow dog" Liberal ridings - a yellow dog could run as the Liberal candidate and get elected, but it might not be so easy for incumbent Diane Marleau. The NDP candidate Gerry MacIntaggert is running a strong campaign, and it things go right for him, he might be able to pull it off. My mom, who is as much of a Tory partisan as they come, might plug her nose and vote NDP if MacIntaggert is close enough to win.

This reminds me of the 1984 election in Nickel Belt. Liberal incumbent and Trudeau cabinet minister Judy Erola was running against former NDP MP John "chi-chi" Rodriguez. I know that a lot of Tories voted for Chi-chi rather than Erola. My father's logic on this was impeccable. Rodriquez was already eligible for his lifetime MP pension, and Erola would be if she won election again, so it made more sense to vote for the commie we were already paying than the one that we were going to end up paying forever. No use in wasting taxpayer money on two MP lifetime salaries when one would do.

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Jessica Lovejoy said...

"chi chi" is mexican slang for titties...are you saying that this Rodriguez character was a tit man?