Saturday, December 10, 2005

My "daycare" solution

Simple - allow income splitting between couples so that families with a member who stays at home can split the income. In the U.S., they call it "married filing joint" where both incomes and income tax brackets are aggregated. This means that if there is one wage in the family, the higher tax brackets don't kick until twice the level for single filers. This would eliminate the 'marriage penalty' that Canadian families face when one stays at home. A colleague of mine once told me that unless he had a job making $45,000 CDN, it made more sense for him to stay at home considering the taxes and costs of day care - pretty pathetic huh? The married filing joint option makes the financial burden a lot less onerous than what previously exist. I believe that on one level, the Liberals are against this because this would ensure that all families would be forced to be dependent on government for their child rearing, and easier to indoctrinate to the ideals of the party.

Maybe I should take off my tinfoil hat soon.

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